English IPA

Using exclusively English hops, this packs Goldings, Challenger and Willamette for a less hop boom, but more balanced IPA with a strong malty finish.


Tropical Storm
Tropical Pale Ale

A juicy pale ale packed with El Dorado and Calypso hops for a fruity flavour. But that's just the start. We packed this full of Peach, Pineapple, Passionfruit and Mango to make it totally tropical.


DDH Citra Mosaic Simcoe IPA

A hop explosion - double dry hopped with over 10g of hops per litre. Fruitiness is entirely through the hops, which smack you in the face from the first sip. Don't let it blow you away.


Van Damme
Belgian Ale

Brewed as a traditional Belgian style pale ale, the Belgian Trappist yeast really comes through to support the classic malty base.


Black Hole
Milk Stout

A creamy milk stout, with lactose and marshmallows added for sweetness. Don't be afraid of the name - this is very drinkable. (Not suitable for Vegans)


Orange & Raspberry Volcano
Orange & Raspberry Wheat

A wheat and pilsner mix, with added Chinook hops for flavour. California Yeast for a US wheat flavour, with plenty of orange and raspberries added for good measure!


Pyroclastic Flow
Pink Grapefruit Wheat Radler

A traditional hefeweizen mixed with pink grapefruit lemonade to provide a refreshing and fruity, low ABV alternative.


Bavarian Wheat Beer

Brewed with its Apricot equivalent, this is the base Bavarian Wheat beer. The yeast really takes over producing some complex flavours and esters associated with the style. Think fruit flavours like banana and pear to form a rich wheaty beer.


Galaxy IPA

A fruity and bitter IPA pack full of hops. Combining Chinook, Galena, Motueka and lots of Galaxy hops (with a big dry hop) this is a very sessionable IPA!


French Saison

This beer is all about the yeast. Fruity flavours conjured by the French saison yeast during fermentation give this a real summer day flavour. Lightly hazy, this one is a delight.


Tidal Wave
American Pale Ale

Brewed with Summit and Willamette hops, this is a mild American Pale for when you don't want the hops to knock you off your feet. *Almost Gone*


Plain old lager

A first attempt at Lagering - this one is pretty plain, but still a crisp and drinkable lager.


Apricot Volcano
Apricot Bavarian Wheat

A traditional Bavarian style wheat beer with a couple of kilos of Apricot puree thrown in for good measure. Lots of yeast esters in the mix.


Blood Orange and Hibiscus Berliner Weisse

Pours a deep pink, with strong floral and citrus aroma. Pleasantly sour with clear fruit flavours. A real thirst quencher.


Acid Rain
Lemon Gose

A sour Lemon Gose, with coriander and salt. Slightly tart, but surprisingly refreshing, sourness is replaced by a strong malt after taste.


German Style Pilsner

A german style pilsner - light, cold and with mild hop flavours. Good on a summer afternoon.


Mosaic Pale Ale

Pale and fruity - this pale ale is packed with hops with the flavoursome Mosaic as the main addition. Light and sessionable, this beer is a great choice to get wrapped up in.


Toffee Apple Ale

Sweet and strong - toffee notes rise from the complex malt base, with added demerara and Belgian candi sugar complementing chopped apples added to the boil. It's monstrously good!


Pumpkin Ale

A Halloween classic - a mix of malts including a little wheat combined with pumpkin puree and mixed spices to offer a fruity and spicy flavour. Drinking too much could cause you to howl at the moon...


Strawberry Saison

Delightfully pink - a light malt base with lager flavours complimented by fruitiness from the hops and strawberry additions make this supremely drinkable. Definitely one to get your fangs into. *Almost Gone*


Chocolate Brown Ale

Using wheat, oats and chocolate malt, this brown beer had cocoa nibs added during fermentation to add a chocolate twang. Not overpowering - pleasant like a chocolate hob nob.


Hard-hitting Double IPA

Heavily hopped using US hops and twice dry hopped for extra hop flavour, this is a beast of a DIPA, bursting with flavour and following up with trademark bitterness. *Almost Gone*



We initially began brewing in 2014 using beer kits to brew beer of dubious quality. After suffering from several cases of raised expectation followed by inevitable disappointment (with a couple of passable ales along the way) we decided it was time to do things properly.

We like our beer and we like all styles. The explosion in craft brewing has offered a rich choice of different breweries and exciting new beers and we try our best to sample them where possible. Through developing a taste for craft beer, we thought it was time to start again with brewing, but this time to do it properly.

Through the internet, books and general advice we bought up the required kit to begin all grain brewing and started to create our own masterpieces in 2017. Our current setup is at our home in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We generally brew batches of around 40 pints at a time using a Grainfather brew machine, but also have a 100L kit for occasional brews.

Our beer is not yet commercially available, but with a bit more dedication you just might find us popping up in your local pub or bottle shop!


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